Thursday, January 07, 2010
5 days of dieting, haven't lost even 1g so far. Hmmmmm.

Keep on keepin' on.

Monday, January 04, 2010
Tonight I had the most delicious pizza - Chicken Avocado Tick from Crust. It's the second lowest point pizza on the menu (I tried to talk myself into the Baby Spinach Tick but no can do) and half of the medium pizza is a pretty low point dinner - 6.5

I was trying it as a bit of an experiment really, as I'm off to the gastro specialist tomorrow about my digestive problems and Crust pizza has always left me feeling the pain, unless I order gluten free. I thought if I triggered a little episode of my normal symptoms so I could show the doctor what I'm talking about, it might help. Having said that, the Tick pizzas come on wholemeal base, not the white pain inducing one, so in all likelihood it might not have made me sick anyway. So far, no symptoms, but this is my first time with wholemeal so only time will tell.

Of course I did kick my addiction to a nasty poison about 2 weeks ago, and haven't had a single stomach problem since. Perhaps it isn't gluten that's been the drama this whole time... but more on that tomorrow after I see the gastro man!

Pretty much sticking to my points - sad to say only 4 days in and I'm not being very regimented - but owing to still being on holidays I have been able to go for a walk during the day so I do have a little leeway to play with. I really do have to stop buying the olive bread from the supermarket, it's so hard to stop myself from eating it once it's in the house. Mango Weis bars have been my saviour so far, completely delicious, cold and only 1 point.